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We paid tribute to the late Kurt Cobain last Saturday in Seattle.

Just wanted to share our impromptu cover of “Lithium” with you guys!”

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Nice message from a happy Young The Giant fan!
Glad to see that your family is loving their new album :)

Nice message from a happy Young The Giant fan!

Glad to see that your family is loving their new album :)

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thanatos-in-texas asked: In comparison to the first album, how do you like Mind Over Matter? I have it preordered on iTunes, but I forgot about it, so until I throw some money on their, I only have Crystalized, It's About Time, and Mind Over Matter. Are the CDs similar? And are you excited for a possible third CD?!

Even though they have a different sound to their first album I’m still really loving their latest. I really can’t stop playing it and I definitely recommend buying it. They actually have their whole album up posted in a playlist here¬†for you to listen to before you buy it :)

I’m also very very excited for a possible 3rd album! Who would’t be? It’s Young The Giant! ;)

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Anonymous asked: why don't people like crystalized?? It's honestly one of my faves on Mind Over Matter

I’m not really sure why they don’t.

I think maybe because it was one of their first singles released off of their latest album and it sounded quite different to their work off of their previous album which is what people loved so much about them. But bands change sounds all the time. It’s always good to experiment and change :)

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Anonymous asked: Be honest with yourself; You do not like their song "Crystalized"?

I love Crystalized! :) After I heard it for the first time I wasn’t 100% sure about it, but after listening to it many many times I’ve realized that I really love it :) I’ve heard that not a lot of people liked it that much though…

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3/01/14 Young the Giant @ Hammerstein Ballroom

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Young The Giant & Project 143 - Auction Announcement Winter 2014

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